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Welcome to RElevant, my new blog to talk about what matters most in real estate. Expect each RElevant post to explain my real estate philosophy in a way that helps you reach higher levels of growth and performance.

I’ve spent more than thirty years working in this industry—17 of those years at Intero—and over that time, built my business with trust, integrity and respect, the same three core values found in our Intero mission statement: “Empowered by the principles of trust, respect and integrity, we guide people to achieve their dreams.”

We can’t get to that second part, guiding people through detailed and often emotional transactions, without focusing on the first: trust.

Clients rely on us to be trustworthy and refer us because we’re trustworthy. Why do the best REALTORS® derive more than 60% of their business from referrals and past clients? They’ve created lasting relationships through trust.

Most people will buy or sell a home only several times over the course of their lives, so a Realtor’s experience and guidance is critical. Every transaction is different, with a nuanced mix of negotiations, inspections, economic conditions, property details, lenders, appraisers … the list goes on. Amid this transactional turbulence, a great Realtor holds steady and focuses on the best interest of his or her client.

A winning transaction is often a combination of a contentious debate, a delicate dance and a competitive game. Clients hire us to do it all, and expect we possess expert negotiation skills, communication finesse and a willingness to state the unfiltered truth, even if it’s not always what they want to hear.

Trust is both emotional—we feel the intangible benefits—and logical. Placing your trust in a Realtor, a brokerage and a brand means security. Where there’s trust, there’s safety. The trendy temptation of the newest or latest app or tech tool will never win over trust. Trust cannot be downloaded or digitized and isn’t found on a website or app; trust is earned by witnessed action each time you put your client’s interests above your own.

A RElevant Story …

Years ago, I had an initial buyer consultation with a single woman looking to purchase a house. Knowing most single buyers rely on a trusted friend or family member for advice, I suggested her father join our initial consultation/meeting. (Dad joined via speaker phone as he was in New York City.) At the end of my presentation, after I explained the process and how I work, I listened as her father told her, “Honey, you’re in good hands.”

That story still gives me goosebumps. Her father’s trust in me facilitated the start of a successful transaction and enduring client relationship.

Thank you for reading RElevant – I welcome your feedback.

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