Rally Up for the Holidays

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been engaged in conversations with REALTORS® throughout our Intero footprint about navigating the holiday season.

Discussions run the gamut from the reasons they had a stellar 2019 to why they fell a bit short of expectations this year. Some agents are busy finishing up year-end business while others are focusing on prospecting, knowing the new year is just around the corner. Soon, it’ll be time to reset the business plan to zero and get going again! Others have shifted gears and are in “full holiday mode,” focused on shopping over prospecting. Universally, this time of year can be challenging both physically and mentally for Realtors.

The physical challenges arise for many of us because we’re tired after a tough year in the trenches! We often begin to feel the effects of all those hours grinding to close transactions. Some of us are simply finding there’s not enough time in the day to get it all done. Shorter days combined with lead-generating, decorating, prospecting, gift-wrapping and festivities equals burnout. Business obligations with clients begin to compete with holiday commitments with family and friends.

Mental challenges abound as well. The stress of what is often a quieter time of year for new business generation coincides with the stress of a new year beginning and the uncertainty of where next year’s business will come from. In addition, year-end can bring a time of reflection for what was accomplished and what our business plan looks like for the new year.

Here are some RElevant ideas to thrive in the holidays and throughout the new year:

  1. Stay in the game! Many Realtors stop prospecting after the Thanksgiving holiday and figure “there’s nothing going on” between November 30 and January 3. (Some don’t crank it up again until later!) While it’s statistically true fewer homes sell during the winter, it’s also true lots of Realtors stop working. So, if you’re hustling there’s typically more opportunity.
  2. Stay positive. It’s easy to let anxiety dominate your thoughts during the holidays. Take a deep breath and realize you’ve worked hard and planted the seeds for the future. Take time to recognize and be grateful for the positive things. Reflect on your successes and know that much of your hard work last year will pan out in the coming year. Prospecting activities from the past will lead to new business in the future. Even if you’re a bit slow today, your past efforts have “shelf life” toward new business in the future.
  3. Stay present. For most Realtors, 60% of future business will come from our sphere of influence, referrals and past clients. There is no better time than the holidays for connecting with people in your sphere and deepening your relationships. Enjoy the opportunity this time of year presents to solidify those all-important connections and be grateful for the relationships in your life that will help sustain your business.

2020 will be a year of new beginnings. It’s a new decade! Embrace today. Enjoy your holidays and know you’re ready to fire it up for the new year.

Thank you for reading RElevant – I welcome your feedback.

Posted on December 17, 2019 at 7:04 pm
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